Message from the President


Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the official website of the International Association of Labour Inspection (IALI). Here you can find lots of information about IALI - who we are, what we do and, most importantly, how we are working to provide a foundation for professional, ethical and effective labour inspection worldwide.

It was my privilege to be elected President of IALI at our 14th Triennial Congress and General Assembly in June 2014. Before this, I served as IALI Secretary-General and as a member of the Executive Committee. During this time, I have had the pleasure of working with colleagues from around the world who share a commitment to securing fair, healthy and safe working conditions for all. In aspiring to this goal, labour inspectorates face a variety of challenges in relation to the changing world of work and prevailing economic conditions. Many inspectorates have to contend with reduced resources while trying to keep pace with issues like the development of new technologies and the increasingly global world of work.

In taking on this role, I am determined to help our members tackle these challenges.My belief is that excellence is achieved most of all through culture and passion. It is passed and shared between people and organisations as they seek to emulate one another and recreate good practice. IALI works to facilitate this process and we are now a truly global organisation with members and colleagues all over the world. We share a common belief - that everyone has the right to work under fair and decent conditions and to return home healthy and safe every day.

Whilst effective and well-resourced labour inspection is vital in every country at all times, including through financially stable periods and through economic crisis; through times of civil unrest and through each stage of recovery; I think now is a special time in history for labour inspection. With focus and attention from the ILO’s Governing Body and recognition in international declarations such as the Seoul Declaration on Safety and Health at Work, 2008, labour inspection is now poised to take advantage of a crucial opportunity to build a future based on the partnership of many governments and with the support of international employer and worker representatives.

There is a growing acknowledgement of the key role of labour inspection in safeguarding this essential human right. There is also growing recognition of the wider social and economic contributions of labour inspection. Work-related injuries and ill health exact a terrible human toll - the ILO estimates that they kill more people every year than war. As well as this incalculable human cost, workplace accidents, ill health and forced labour have widespread financial impact in terms of lost productivity, healthcare provision and lost earnings, which all affect GDP. Effective labour inspection adds value by helping countries to avoid these costs, facilitating economic recovery and growth, sustainable development, higher living standards and sustainable state welfare systems.

Labour inspectors are change agents, who make paper commitments a reality. IALI works to help them do this. Make a significant difference to people around the world. If you represent a labour organisation, please consider the value of joining IALI. As a member of this global alliance, your voice joins with those concerned with making labour inspection matter. Increasingly, we are building the capacity to develop tools to provide the foundation for professional labour inspection. As a catalyst for regional alliances and a provider of technical expertise, IALI can help you to develop, modernise and strengthen your own system. I look forward to welcoming you to our organisation.

Kevin Myers, CBE President International Association of Labour Inspection (IALI)