The 12th IALI Congress & General Assembly was held from 9 - 10 June 2008 at the ILO Offices

4 Route des Morillons, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland.

The main theme for this year will be “Decent work and the professional principles of labour inspection” with the following topics:

  • Decent Work- Challenges for Labour Inspection
  • Decent Work- Regional and National Experiences
  • Decent Work and Social Dialogue
  • IALI- Active in Regions
  • Labour Inspection Culture- Worldwide Approach and IALI’s Challenge
  • Creating Worldwide Alliances for Labour Inspection: Networking as a Tool for IALI and its Partners

Over 120 participants attended the event from all over the world, and speakers from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia gave presentations on the above topics. The Congress was followed by the General Assembly on 11 June 2008. The activities of the previous 3 years were reviewed, together with a financial report.

IALI international challenge is to improve occupational health and safety and fair working conditions to deliver reductions in deaths, injuries, diseases, disputes and costs to business – as well as to promote human dignity, more productive workers and the right environment for business to thrive. In response to this challenge, it is proposed that IALI should take the first step in developing a new maturity of operation to consider and discuss an action plan for the future. This plan for 2008-2011 will aim to clarify IALI’s aims, actions and outcomes over this period.

The proposed strategic action plan for 2008-2011and beyond are:

  1. Action Area 1– IALI The professional association
    • To provide the professional foundation for building strong, modernised and effective labour inspection.
  2. Action Area 2– IALI as influencer
    • To promote the profession and interests of labour inspection through development of spheres of influence.
  3. Action Area 3– IALI as partner
    • To build IALI’s participation in both formal and informal partnership and alliances with related organisations and in specific projects to promote decent work around the world.
  4. Action Area 4– IALI as catalyst
    • To act as a catalyst for the development of regional cooperation in labour inspection.
  5. Action Area 5– IALI as facilitator
    • To provide information for members and to facilitate member initiatives to improve their labour inspection service.
  6. Action Area 6– IALI as source of technical expertise
    • To provide a resource for accessing technical expertise in labour inspection.
Congress Session 1

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