The registered office of the IALI is in Geneva. The statutory bodies of the Association are:

  • the General Assembly
  • the Executive Committee
  • the General Secretariat

The General Secretariat constitutes the technical and administrative body of the Association; its functions are exercised in accordance with the directions of the Executive Committee.

As at January 2018, the following countries were represented within the IALI membership (*denotes the numbers of members from those countries, where there are more than one):


IALI President
Mr Kevin Myers, CBE
IALI Secretary General
Er Ho Siong Hin
IALI Secretary General
Senior Director (International WSH) & Vice Dean (School of Regulation), MOM Academy
Ministry of Manpower
1500 Bendemeer Road
MOM Services Centre
T: +65 6449 6318
IALI Treasurer
Mr Jean Parrat
Occupational Hygienist – Labour Inspector Delémont
+41 79 652 89 35
IALI Vice President
Dr. Bernhard Raebel
Association of German Labour Inspectors (VDGAB e. V.)
Gottfried-Keller-Str. 21
D 06118 Halle
T: l +49 1512 1374379
IALI Vice President
Ms. Denise Derdek
Honorary Labour Director
Direction Générale du Travail (DGT)
39-43, quai André Citroën
75902 Paris Cedex 15
T: +33 68 354 7533
IALI Vice President
Dr. Locary Hlabanu
Acting Director
African Regional Labour Administration Centre (ARLAC)
16KM Harare/ Bulawayo Road
T: +263-4 2210192-8 or 2928117
IALI Vice President
Mr. Jose Maria Torres Cia
Labour Inspector
Sindicato de Inspectores de Trabajo y Seguridad Social de España
c/ Apolo 8 - lº 5ª
28037 Madrid
T: +34 606 30 4081
IALI Vice President
Mr Ivan Shklovets
Deputy Director General
Federal Service for Labour and Employment (Rostrud)
Myasnitskaya str 40 – 16
101000 Moscow
T: +7 495 620 6608
F: +7 495 620 6608
IALI Vice President
Mr. Wu Zongzhi
Director General of Department of Occupational Health
National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China
No. 1 Xizhimen Wai Nan Road
Xicheng District
Beijing 100044
T: +86 10 62030954
F: +86 10 62030954

Immediate Past President

Ms Michele Patterson
11 Old Belair Road
South Australia 5062

Technical Advisors

Gerd Albracht
International Consultant, Labour Administration , Labour Inspection and Working Conditions
92 route du Murgier
F-74350 CUVAT
T: +33 450 467721

Ms Shi Yan Ping
Deputy Director General
Ministry of Emergency Management, PRC
Department of International Cooperation and Rescue
70 Guanganmennanjie, XiCheng District,
Beijing 100054
T: +86-10-83933170

ILO Representative

Jose-Luis Daza
International Labour Organisation
4, Route des Morillons
CH-1211 Geneva 22


Mr. Alvian Tan
1500 Bendemeer Road
Singapore 339946
Tel: +65 6692 4939

Er. Nicholas Yip
1500 Bendemeer Road
Singapore 339946
Tel: +65 6692 5069

IALI Regional Delegates

Regional Delegates work with interested countries to encourage the development of regional alliances and cooperation in the field of labour inspection. They provide an opportunity for IALI members to form links with other members in their region, as well as national Groups and Labour Departments that are not members of the Association.

Regional Delegates can offer IALI members advice and support with a range of issues, including:

  • Organisation of Regional Conferences or Symposia
  • Development of regional labour inspector alliances
  • Exchange of knowledge and expertise between different labour inspectorates
  • Establishment of regional technical programmes
  • Correspondence with the IALI Executive Committee

Regional Delegates have been allocated for the following geographical areas:

ASEAN: Er. Ho Siong Hin (IALI Secretary General)

ASIA - NORTH: Mr. Wu Zongzhi (IALI Vice President)

Baltic States:

Central and South America:

French Speaking African Countries: Ms. Denise Derdek (IALI Vice-President)

English Speaking African Countries: Dr Locary Hlabanu (IALI Vice President)

RALI: CIS Countries and Mongolia: Mr Ivan Shklovets(IALI Vice-President)

RALI: South East Europe, Azerbaijan & Ukraine:

USA Canada and The Caribbean:

All details given below are based on information received directly from Members. If you wish to make any changes to the named contacts, their postal or e-mail addresses, telephone or fax numbers, please inform:

Mr. Alvian Tan
1500 Bendemeer Road
Singapore 339946
Tel: +65 6692 4939

Er. Nicholas Yip
1500 Bendemeer Road
Singapore 339946
Tel: +65 6692 5069