What is IALI?

The International Association of Labour Inspection (IALI) is the global professional association for labour inspection. It was established in 1972, and currently has over 100 members worldwide.

The main aims of IALI are:

  • To promote the professionalism of its members on all aspects of labour inspection, so as to enhance their impact and effectiveness;
  • To hold international and regional conferences and similar events at which members can exchange ideas and experience about how best to promote compliance with labour law and good practice;
  • To provide information to its members about professional issues through the Association’s website, newsletters, reports and other publications;
  • To promote closer collaboration between its members, through regional networking and activities.

IALI has always worked in close partnership with the International Labour Office and other host country organisations, and is increasingly working at regional levels.

What does IALI do?

IALI seeks to achieve these aims through a wide range of activities each year. Its activities often focus on working conditions and occupational safety and health topics and other concerns to labour inspectors, such as illegal employment and child labour. IALI holds conferences all over the world and in recent years it has sponsored events in Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Ireland, China-Macao, Mauritius, Geneva, Guyana, Germany, China and Latvia, often jointly with host countries and the ILO.

Information about IALI’s activities is regularly communicated to members through its newsletter, the IALI Forum, as well as its website, http://www.iali-aiit.org. Most of its business is conducted in English, French and Spanish, with translations into other languages where required, especially at regional events.


Membership of IALI is open to any group or association of Labour inspectors, and the Labour Ministry or department of any state (or any region of a Federal state) that is responsible for directing or planning labour inspection. Annual fees for full members range from 550 to 2640 Swiss Francs (CHF), depending on the size and status of the individual member. Associate membership is also available. Associate members do not pay fees and are unable to vote on matters of official business, but they are entitled to the technical benefits of IALI. Associate members are considered as candidate countries, which have not yet settled the budget mechanism for paying their annual suscription fee. This period of associate membership shall not exceed 3 years.

Interested in applying?

If you wish to join IALI and you meet the membership criteria, please contact IALI Secretariats. You should also send brief information about your organization, such as a note explaining its functions or its Articles. The executive committee is authorised to approve membership applications, and may also request further particulars. Data given in this application will be used for internal purposes only, and data protection law will be observed. A full description of membership entitlement is given in IALI’s statutes (Article 4a), details of which can be found on the website at http://www.iali-aiit.org/en/about/statutes.

IALI’s organisation

The day-to-day business of IALI is administered by its Executive Committee, members of which are appointed for 3-year terms. Once every 3 years, IALI also holds a Congress and General Assembly, at which its past and future plans are openly discussed with all members, decisions are taken about the future direction of the Association and a new Executive Committee is elected.

Technical assistance

IALI regularly receives requests for co-operation and assistance, both with regard to technical support on specific subjects and co-operation in the organisation of conferences and other events. The IALI Technical Assistance Policy aims to establish some transparent guidance to govern IALI decisions in response to such requests, as well as for sponsorship or project partnership on labour inspection matters. It provides some general matters for assessment in relation to each request as well as some key principles that are considered in determining the extent of IALI’s involvement (if any) in a proposal.

More information about IALI’s past and future activities, its statutes and about how it is organised can be found on its website, http://www.iali-aiit.org.

IALI Factsheet - 18 Jan 2020 IBOR Factsheet - 18 Jan 2020

Such information can also be obtained from the IALI Secretariat at:

Mr. Alvian Tan
1500 Bendemeer Road
Singapore 339946
Tel: +65 6692 4939
Email: alvian_tan@mom.gov.sg

Er. Nicholas Yip
1500 Bendemeer Road
Singapore 339946
Tel: +65 6692 5069
Email: nicholas_yip@mom.gov.sg